YouTube for iOS now supports vertical videos with a dynamic player

youtube vertical video


YouTube, world’s most popular video sharing platform has millions of its users who love to explore and upload a variety of videos on this platform. Since everyone uses a smartphone, they all love to explore the YouTube and the videos through their smartphones.

Just to make the YouTube experience more user friendly, the giant has updated the iOS app which now supports vertical videos with its won dynamic player.

Google-owned video sharing platform YouTube announced the rollout of its new dynamic player on iOS devices. The official YouTube app will be updated to support formats other than horizontal video viewing.

These include videos that are square-shaped and in other aspect ratios like 16:9 and 4:9.

The YouTube app on iOS has till now been compatible with horizontally shot videos; vertical and square videos are usually displayed with black bars around them. The new YouTube player will dynamically adapt itself for square, horizontal, and vertical videos.

youtube verticle video on IOS

Tapping the full-screen button will show the video as it was shot, without the need of black bars. Additionally, the video will shift to the traditional horizontal shape once you scroll to the contents below.


YouTube has becoming more popular day by day as it also supports live broadcasting. Many mega events and other special unveiling announcement events use YouTube live broadcasting. Since millions of iOS users are using the YouTube app, the giant has updated the YouTube app for iOS which now supports vertical

If you are a bit confused about the vertical videos, it means that users of the iOS devices would be able to explore YouTube Videos vertically in full screen just like you see it in full screen. There would be no black bars at the sides while watching a video on YouTube by now.

YouTube was planning to release this update in the August month, in fact the same update was available for a few iOS devices and they have upgraded their YouTube app with the vertical video support. But today, the giant has finally released a complete new version of the YouTube app with an update for the iOS platform.

The same vertical video support feature was made available for the Android platform about two years ago. So people are still confused about the availability of this feature for iOS platform now.

They are amazed after this announcement as the Android users have been using the same features for two years.

There’s no doubt that, Android and YouTube both the Google’s products, may be this is the only reason why the vertical video support was made available for Android platform first.

We all hold a smartphone vertically and to watch a video in full screen, we have to rotate it so we can have a full view of the video on our phones. But with this new update, you can see the full view screen on your device just by holding it with the right way.

Yes, you don’t have to rotate your smartphone by now, as this update will allow you to see the video in full view with vertical mode.

Most of the YouTube video uploaders and channels are now posting their videos with full vertical view support and that the only reason why YouTube has pushed an update to the iOS platform so the users of iOS devices can also take benefits of the vertical videos without rotating their phones.

Apart from this, some of the videos are still uploaded with black bar at the sides and for that very reason, people who have updated their YouTube app in iOS deviceyoutubes are still seeing the same black bar screen with holding the phone vertically. It will take some time for the channels to upload their videos without the black bars at the sides.

Google has pushed this new update as a server-side update and hence it will take some time to reach out to your location. You would receive a push notification regarding this update on your display. You can even check for a new YouTube update from the AppStore’s page as well.

If you see any update, just tap it out and download it. The update will take some time and soon, YouTube app will be updated on your iOS device.

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