wireless charger was approved by FCC

wireless charger


a federal communication commission was approved a wireless charger. the wire less charger was found by California base company and that charger maybe came into market in future.

we all having a facing that problem many more time when our cellphone die during call or during the playing the game. it’s too much big problem for as because we all too much phone frankly and we all having spend lots of time behind the cellphone without cellphone we can’t imaging our self without phone we all are alone in public.

wireless charger

Now that problem solve now by introduce a wireless charger by california base industry and that charger now approved by Federal communication commission. we not need to worry about our less battery life because we can charge our cellphone without any physical contact with any charger

that system is quite different from the other charging methods like an induction changing because this not required any contact with our cell phone.

how its work


the charger have use a wireless system and connect with cell phone through the WiFi and the charging system was send the radio wave or radio signal to the cell phone for charging. that radio signal was helped to charge the cell phone and it’s not required any kinds of physical contact

What makes the new Wattup Transmitter better than existing forms of wireless charging based on the widely accepted Qi charging standard is the fact that it works without physical contact between the smart phone that is being charged and the inducting device.

The Qi charging standard, used in new iPhones, works by sending electric current from the transmitting coil on the charger to the receiver coil on the glass back panel of the smart phone which supports wireless charging. Energous hasn’t yet specified the wireless standard involved in the process.

Most wireless chargers, barring the Apple’s Air Power charger, can charge only one device at a time. If a user get a call or wants to check something, and lift the device, the charging will stop. Wattup Transmitter can charge multiple device simultaneously (but with more devices being charged, the power flow is likely to get slower) by creating a bigger electromagnetic field and a smart phone, tablet or earphone with the compatible receiver inside that field can be charged from a distance of up to 3 feet. So a user can use them and charge them simultaneously.

The new tech overcomes a major imitation of wireless technology, but it doesn’t improve charging speed, which means your device will still charge slower than USB driven charging.

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