Failure teach you how to succeed

 Failure teach you how to succeed


Failure is not acceptable for any one either you or me. no anyone cant want failure but somehow we failed due to less hard work. That failure came in over life as nuclear bomb and destroyed everything that destroy our believes our hard work our actions our desire. Everything was destroying no anything was remaining. thats why we want to know the Failure teach you how to succeed.

That failure we think that we can’t do anything in our life because of that failure came into our lie we can’t believe in our self. We all feel fear of failure and we can’t take any small step toward the success cause of fear of failure.

A failure not came in our life we fly like a kite we don’t care about anything. We all busy in flying but when failure came it destroy everything including our wings. Now we can’t fly on sky. We all feel very bad for that and now we go and hide form the world from the public from the people for long time. We can’t able to show face our to public because we think the peoples was makes jokes on us

Failure teach you how to succeed

failure teachings

That the main think people do in their life. But some of them who also failed in some event but they never quite form their dreams. They know there is not wings for fly on sky the make wing for fly. They also feel fear but they say to him i have only one life and that life not having any specific validity. I don’t know how much time remaining and how much i live. But now at this time i never go back because i know i have potential to do it and i will try and try until unless i win.

Those people get their dreams those peoples having everything in their life because those people deserve it in their life they never quite in their life they never feel fear in their life they know just a small failure came but we are winner and failure don’t  have power to loss me because i am winner

Failures teach you never quite from your dream. Because failure came because you not applicable for success Failure came because you’re not ready for success failure came because you not did hard work for the success that why failure came and say you. You’re not able to achieve that because your not ready for success

That mean this you have to learn from the failure and failure always say to you but you’re not realized it in your life, but know you know that the failure is the teacher and its always teach either you Want or not.

So from this discuss one thing is common we have to fight for success with full of preparation for the war against the failure. I mean to say just prepared well and make you able for success


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