Failure teach to how to succeed

Failure teach you how to succeed

 Failure teach you how to succeed


Failure is not acceptable for any one either you or me. no anyone cant want failure but somehow we failed due to less hard work. That failure came in over life as nuclear bomb and destroyed everything that destroy our believes our hard work our actions our desire. Everything was destroying no anything was remaining. thats why we want to know the Failure teach you how to succeed.

That failure we think that we can’t do anything in our life because of that failure came into our lie we can’t believe in our self. We all feel fear of failure and we can’t take any small step toward the success cause of fear of failure.

A failure not came in our life we fly like a kite we don’t care about anything. We all busy in flying but when failure came it destroy everything including our wings. Now we can’t fly on sky. We all feel very bad for that and now we go and hide form the world from the public from the people for long time. We can’t able to show face our to public because we think the peoples was makes jokes on us

Failure teach you how to succeed

failure teachings

That the main think people do in their life. But some of them who also failed in some event but they never quite form their dreams. They know there is not wings for fly on sky the make wing for fly. They also feel fear but they say to him i have only one life and that life not having any specific validity. I don’t know how much time remaining and how much i live. But now at this time i never go back because i know i have potential to do it and i will try and try until unless i win.

Those people get their dreams those peoples having everything in their life because those people deserve it in their life they never quite in their life they never feel fear in their life they know just a small failure came but we are winner and failure don’t  have power to loss me because i am winner

Failures teach you never quite from your dream. Because failure came because you not applicable for success Failure came because you’re not ready for success failure came because you not did hard work for the success that why failure came and say you. You’re not able to achieve that because your not ready for success

That mean this you have to learn from the failure and failure always say to you but you’re not realized it in your life, but know you know that the failure is the teacher and its always teach either you Want or not.

So from this discuss one thing is common we have to fight for success with full of preparation for the war against the failure. I mean to say just prepared well and make you able for success


wireless charger

wireless charger was approved by FCC

wireless charger


a federal communication commission was approved a wireless charger. the wire less charger was found by California base company and that charger maybe came into market in future.

we all having a facing that problem many more time when our cellphone die during call or during the playing the game. it’s too much big problem for as because we all too much phone frankly and we all having spend lots of time behind the cellphone without cellphone we can’t imaging our self without phone we all are alone in public.

wireless charger

Now that problem solve now by introduce a wireless charger by california base industry and that charger now approved by Federal communication commission. we not need to worry about our less battery life because we can charge our cellphone without any physical contact with any charger

that system is quite different from the other charging methods like an induction changing because this not required any contact with our cell phone.

how its work


the charger have use a wireless system and connect with cell phone through the WiFi and the charging system was send the radio wave or radio signal to the cell phone for charging. that radio signal was helped to charge the cell phone and it’s not required any kinds of physical contact

What makes the new Wattup Transmitter better than existing forms of wireless charging based on the widely accepted Qi charging standard is the fact that it works without physical contact between the smart phone that is being charged and the inducting device.

The Qi charging standard, used in new iPhones, works by sending electric current from the transmitting coil on the charger to the receiver coil on the glass back panel of the smart phone which supports wireless charging. Energous hasn’t yet specified the wireless standard involved in the process.

Most wireless chargers, barring the Apple’s Air Power charger, can charge only one device at a time. If a user get a call or wants to check something, and lift the device, the charging will stop. Wattup Transmitter can charge multiple device simultaneously (but with more devices being charged, the power flow is likely to get slower) by creating a bigger electromagnetic field and a smart phone, tablet or earphone with the compatible receiver inside that field can be charged from a distance of up to 3 feet. So a user can use them and charge them simultaneously.

The new tech overcomes a major imitation of wireless technology, but it doesn’t improve charging speed, which means your device will still charge slower than USB driven charging.

YouTube, world’s most popular video sharing platform has millions of its users who love to explore and upload a variety of videos on this platform. Since everyone uses a smartphone, they all love to explore the YouTube and the videos through their smartphones.

YouTube for iOS now supports vertical videos with a dynamic player

youtube vertical video


YouTube, world’s most popular video sharing platform has millions of its users who love to explore and upload a variety of videos on this platform. Since everyone uses a smartphone, they all love to explore the YouTube and the videos through their smartphones.

Just to make the YouTube experience more user friendly, the giant has updated the iOS app which now supports vertical videos with its won dynamic player.

Google-owned video sharing platform YouTube announced the rollout of its new dynamic player on iOS devices. The official YouTube app will be updated to support formats other than horizontal video viewing.

These include videos that are square-shaped and in other aspect ratios like 16:9 and 4:9.

The YouTube app on iOS has till now been compatible with horizontally shot videos; vertical and square videos are usually displayed with black bars around them. The new YouTube player will dynamically adapt itself for square, horizontal, and vertical videos.

youtube verticle video on IOS

Tapping the full-screen button will show the video as it was shot, without the need of black bars. Additionally, the video will shift to the traditional horizontal shape once you scroll to the contents below.


YouTube has becoming more popular day by day as it also supports live broadcasting. Many mega events and other special unveiling announcement events use YouTube live broadcasting. Since millions of iOS users are using the YouTube app, the giant has updated the YouTube app for iOS which now supports vertical

If you are a bit confused about the vertical videos, it means that users of the iOS devices would be able to explore YouTube Videos vertically in full screen just like you see it in full screen. There would be no black bars at the sides while watching a video on YouTube by now.

YouTube was planning to release this update in the August month, in fact the same update was available for a few iOS devices and they have upgraded their YouTube app with the vertical video support. But today, the giant has finally released a complete new version of the YouTube app with an update for the iOS platform.

The same vertical video support feature was made available for the Android platform about two years ago. So people are still confused about the availability of this feature for iOS platform now.

They are amazed after this announcement as the Android users have been using the same features for two years.

There’s no doubt that, Android and YouTube both the Google’s products, may be this is the only reason why the vertical video support was made available for Android platform first.

We all hold a smartphone vertically and to watch a video in full screen, we have to rotate it so we can have a full view of the video on our phones. But with this new update, you can see the full view screen on your device just by holding it with the right way.

Yes, you don’t have to rotate your smartphone by now, as this update will allow you to see the video in full view with vertical mode.

Most of the YouTube video uploaders and channels are now posting their videos with full vertical view support and that the only reason why YouTube has pushed an update to the iOS platform so the users of iOS devices can also take benefits of the vertical videos without rotating their phones.

Apart from this, some of the videos are still uploaded with black bar at the sides and for that very reason, people who have updated their YouTube app in iOS deviceyoutubes are still seeing the same black bar screen with holding the phone vertically. It will take some time for the channels to upload their videos without the black bars at the sides.

Google has pushed this new update as a server-side update and hence it will take some time to reach out to your location. You would receive a push notification regarding this update on your display. You can even check for a new YouTube update from the AppStore’s page as well.

If you see any update, just tap it out and download it. The update will take some time and soon, YouTube app will be updated on your iOS device.

how to remember what you read

Time Management and Planning for Students

for Students

Time management for students is not a skill we are usually taught growing up, so developing an organised approach to your studies is an opportunity to learn how to work more efficiently What is the most valuable resource you have as you work towards your exams this year? Why, time of course! You only have so much of it and sometimes it feels like it just flies by. Come exam time, students often wonder where all of the time went. Then, at other times, it feels like the day will never end.

The important thing for to remember is that there are 24 hours in every day and that is the same for everyone. Because no student has more time than another, sometimes good time management can make all the difference in achieving great exam results.time magement and planning for students

This is another skill which we are not taught as we grow up, but now it’s time for can achieve this, you will be able to make sure that the time you spend studying gives you the maximum amount of learning possible. With exams approaching , you should be thinking about how to get better at time management and organize your days so you can strike the right balance between home, work and university life.

You should also try and eat some brain food  – and no, we don’t mean crisps and energy drinks! By taking the time to arrange your priorities, you can give yourself the best chance of staying on track and organized during the exam period, which in turn can help reduce stress levels, something that can be the difference between success and failure at university. Take a look at our top seven time management tips, so that you can do your best at university and also find moments to relax and even earn some money on the side.

  because without time management skill you cant grow up in your we discuss about some important time management tips for student. if your student those tips help you to grow and achieve your goal. but first we have to know about time management because without any sufficient knowledge about time management you cant arrange your time properly. lets talk about what is time management and why time management is very important for students.


what is time management for students ??

a time management is that skill its help you manage your time properly. without time management you cant arrange your time as per your requirement. if you not arrange time its possibility is that you not achieve your goal or destination.


why time management ??

because time management is not only important in your student life is as well as in your social life.
its help you to give time to all subject and equally distribute to all subject as well.lets talk about how to utilize are time properly and how to manage time. here i am share with some of my favorite tipsand method to you.

1) planning

that you cant utilize time properly as per your requirement first calculate your total time. you have to calculate your free time or that time when you free or study after calculate your time you have to calculate your subjects or topic (study related) after calculate both you have to decide how much time you give to study.

after that you have to equally distribute to all subjects as well after distribute some of your time is
remaining. that time is your free time and use time as
per your wise

2) make a time-table

you have to make a time table because when you make time table you have to know form that which time is free and which one is for study. you have to
decided about the time and which time is good concentration of your mind and what time you concentrate is not good.

as per my tip you have to utilize that time when your concentration is high and choose that time for study hard subjects this is the sample time table and this time table is help you to understand it batter that how to make time table.

These tips will not only benefit professional but also students in making study time table. There are various methods to play your day effectively. One of of the most popular time management method is ABC system. If you have always been thinking about how to manage time, this method will give you amazing results. To manage time effectively, you need to follow these time
management tips and make it a habit. You should also keep evaluating yourself.

sleep faster

Top 10 way to sleep faster- how to sleep faster

how to sleep faster. this  question always arise at night when we struggling to sleep fast for wake up at the morning, in this article we discuss about sleep faster techniques

“I always tell people, sleep is the one thing in life where the harder you try to the harder you work at it, the more likely it is you’ll fail,” says Meltzer. “Reverse psychology is not a long-term solution, but it can help.” Get up and do something for 10 minutes If you wake up in the night and can’t get back to sleep within 15

so, get out of bed and do an activity that requires your hands and your head, like a jigsaw puzzle or a coloring book, says Richard Wise man, professor for the Public Understanding of Psychology at the
University if Hertfordshire and author of Night School: Wake up to the ower of sleep. Stay away from the TV and digital screens, whose blue light has been proven to suppress melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone.


“The key is to avoid associating your bed with being awake,” .

sleep faster

“This is a stimulus control theory,”

“Everything in life has a stimulus value, even your bed,” 


meaning your body should recognize that lying in bed means it’s time to go to sleep. To give your bed that
value, the only things you should be doing in it are sleep and sex, she explains. “Getting out of bed if you can’t sleep is the hardest one to do, but it’s so important.

If you’re spending 10 hours in bed, but only sleeping six, that’s really bad. Your bed becomes a place for thinking, worrying, watching TV, and not for sleeping.” Hide your clock You toss and turn, trying to fall asleep, watching the minutes tick toward morning on your bedside clock. Does this scenario sound familiar? Do yourself a favor: Hide the clock.

Constantly checking the time only increases your stress, making it harder to turn down the dial on your stress and worry about not falling asleep,” . Cool your room Did you know your internal body temperature is integral to regulating your biological body clock? When you’re falling asleep, your body temperature drops slightly, which some experts believe actually helps the process along, according to the Harvard Medical School.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends a bedroom temperature of 60 to 67 degrees F for the most sleep-friendly conditions. “The secret is cool, dark, comfortable bedrooms,”

Darkness cues the brain to make melatonin, which tells your interior
clock that it’s time to sleep. Melatonin cools your internal body temperature, which reaches its lowest point between 2 and 4 a.m.”

Take a warm shower before bed Warming your body up with a hot shower an hour before bed and then
stepping into cooler air will cause your body temperature to drop more precipitously. Studies show that this rapid temperature decrease slows your metabolism faster and prepares your body for sleep. “Showers can
also be very relaxing, so that helps, too,” says Meltzer.

If you shower every night around the same time, making it part of a consistent bedtime routine, you’ll see the most sleep value from it, she adds. “Then your body has an expectation of what’s coming next.” Wear socks to bed
Researchers from a Swiss study published in the journal Nature observed that warm feet and hands were the best predictor of rapid sleep onset.

In the study, participants placed a hot water bottle at
their feet, which widened the blood vessels on the surface of the skin, thereby increasing heat loss. Shifting blood flow from your core to your extremities cools down your body, working in concert with melatonin.

Immerse your face in very cold water for 30 seconds If you’re anxious or distressed at bedtime, the best medicine may be  face full of ice-cold water. When you’re in a full-on state, your nervous system desperately needs to be reset to help you calm down.

Submerging your face in a bowl of cold water triggers an involuntary phenomenon called the Mammalian Dive Reflex, which lowers your heart rate and blood pressure. Then it’s off to bed with a soothed system.

Use the “4-7-8” method  Championed by best-selling author Dr. Andrew Weil—and various wellness bloggers, the “4-7-8” breathing technique is purported to help you fall asleep in under a minute. The method is said to relax you by increasing the amount of oxygen in your blood stream, slowing your heart rate, and releasing more carbon dioxide from the lungs. According to DrWeil, here’s how you do

1. Place the tip of your tongue against the ridge of tissue just behind your upper front teeth, and keep  their through the entire exercise.

2. Exhale completely through your mouth, making a whoosh sound.

3. Close your mouth and inhale quietly through your nose to a mental count of four.

4. Exhale completely through your mouth, making a whoosh sound to a count of eight.

5. Repeat the cycle three more times for a total of four breaths. Scent your bedroom with lavender

Not only does lavender smell lovely, but the aroma of this flowering herb may also relax your nerves, lower your blood pressure, and put you in a relaxed state. A 2005 study at Wesleyan University found that subjects who sniffed lavender oil for two minutes at three, 10 minute intervals before bedtime increased their amount of deep sleep
and felt more vigorous in the morning.

“Some people respond really well to scents,”

“If they’re breathing it in deeply, it can help them clear their minds. Also, if it’s part of a bedtime routine, that might be the secret.”

Picture your favorite place Rather than counting sheep, visualize an environment that makes you feel calm and happy. The key to success is thinking of a scene that’s engaging enough to distract you from your thoughts and worries for a while. In an Oxford University study published in the journal Behavior Research and Therapy, insomniacs who were instructed to imagine a relaxing scene, such as a beach or a waterfall, fell asleep 20 minutes
faster than insomniacs who were told to count sheep or do nothing special at all.

“As adults, finding ways to manage stress can get lost, but it is so important,”

Listen to music Studies have shown that classical music, or any music that has a slow rhythm of 60 to 80 beats per minute, can help lull you to sleep. In a 2008 study, students aged 19 to 28 who listened to relaxing classical music for 45 minutes before bed showed significant improvement in sleep quality.

Bonus: They also reported decreased symptoms of depression. Eat dinner by candlelight When it comes to sleep, the less blue light you expose yourself to in the hours before bedtime, the better. Light of any kind can suppress your body’s production of melatonin, but blue light waves do so more powerfully, thereby shifting sleep-friendly circadian rhythms, says Harvard Health Publications. Besides electronic devices like tablets and smartphones, the biggest blue-light offenders in your home are likely fluorescent lightbulbs and LED lights, which many people use because of their energy efficiency and powerful light. Give yourself a romantic break from all the blue and eat dinner by candlelight.

IT and Software Engineers

top10 highest paid job in India

highest paid jobs in india. in this article we show top 10 jobs and there names and their income. and we discuss about education level and such other important detail in this article.

  1. Management professionals are the soul of any organisation. Their role is
    to manage a particular set of tasks for the organisation. This involves a
    lot of hard work at the entry-level. Once this level is crossed there is no
    turning back. Professionals at the higher levels can demand large
    Entry level – Rs 3,00,000
    mid-career Rs 25,00,000
    experienced Rs 80,00,000IT and Software Engineers
    2. Investment Bankers
    Investment bankers raise capital for the company and give financial
    advice. They deal only with money and are nicknamed “Money Man”.
    Entry level – Rs 12,00,000
    Mid-Career – Rs 30,00,000   Experienced – Rs 50,00,000+invesment banker
    3. Chartered Accountants
    Chartered Accountants need to hold command over Business and
    Accountancy. They have to be extraordinarily well-groomed. This is one
    of the most respected jobs in India.
    Entry level – Rs 5,50,000
    Mid-Career – Rs 12,80,000
    Experienced – Rs 25,70,000
    4. Oil and Natural Gas Sector Professionals
    This is one sector that makes huge profits. Some of the best-known
    professions in this sector include geologists, marine engineers, etc.
    Experienced – Rs 15-20 lakhs with all other perks.
    5. Business Analyst
    are vital for any organisation to analyse the competition in the market.
    For this field, companies prefer individuals with high IQs and logical
    minds. Business Analysts are expected to be well-versed in
    mathematical concepts, open to learning new technological platforms
    and be knowledgeable enough to fill the gaps in understanding using
    their acute sense in business.
    Approximate income- More than 6 lakhs per annum at the beginning
    6. Medical Professionals
    There is never any recession in the medical field. This profession
    promises a steady career growth with minimal hindrances to the salary.
    Average pay:
    General practice- Rs 4,80,000
    General Surgeon- Rs 8,10,000
    Medical doctor- Rs 17,00,000
    7. Aviation Professionals
    The sky is the limit for professionals working in this sector. Salaries for
    aviation professionals fly as high as 20 lakhs.
    Average income:
    Commercial Pilot- Rs 20,00,000
    Helicopter pilot- Rs 18,00,000
    Aircraft maintenance engineer- Rs 9,80,000
    8. Law professionals
    Famous lawyers have denied the post of judges in courts just to hang on
    to their incomes as lawyers. Lawyers require high levels of education,
    patience and communicative skills. Top notch lawyers can demand high
    packages for a single argument.
    Average Salary:
    Corporate lawyer- 6,10,000
    Senior attorney- 9,50,000
    9. Marketing
    Marketing is an art. If one learns the arts, he/she can join the list of topnotch
    professionals in India. A professional with in-depth knowledge of
    marketing can become the CEO of a company.
    Average salary:
    Entry level- Rs 1,50,000
    Mid career- Rs 5,00,000
    Experienced- Rs 10,00,000+
    10. IT and Software Engineers
    This is one evergreen profession which pays really well. One has to be
    very good with computers and computer language. These professionals
    work around designing, implementation and management of the system.
    Average Salary:
    Entry level- Rs 3,50,000
    Mid Career- Rs 8,30,000
    Experienced- Rs 15,50,000

Struggle Make You Successful


is the real success. without struggle no anyone can reach there destiny and struggle required for success because struggle is first step to success the struggle is fill with emotion, pain, hard work, existence we all need to know the struggle is main step or first step of success. without it may not possible to be a successful. we all are face that period of struggle . when we all suffering in struggle .


“When you struggle with your partner, you are struggling with yourself. Every fault you see in them touches a denied weakness in yourself.”
― Deepak Chopra

after some time some of people are give up and the leave there dream there leave there wises because they not resist the struggle period and they quite and some of people who want to achieve there dream and they do anything for there dream they never quite from the struggle period and the face it.

“Long is the way and hard, that out of Hell leads up to light.”
― John Milton, Paradise Lost

those people who never quite from the struggle period. they resist pain they resist everything for there dream those people finally achieve there dream and be a success people in society and we all are follow those peoples. because we think that when we follow them maybe we achieve are dream on there path but friends we never achieve are dream to follow those people because they and we are different people and from different background
maybe some of people achieve there dream by following them but its not true for all to follow them and achieve are dream.



“The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value. I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress and grow.”
― Thomas Paine

here i am not insulting those people but here i am inspire you to make you own success story you have everything to do anything you have power to do anything and you have ability to change the world. never think that your not like a successful peoples . your more then that you do any thing just believe in your self and make your own success story.


you want to be a milliner or if you want be a actor, engineer, prof. , etc. you do that with your positive attitude. every thing is possible with your inner ability to face and beat the failures. the struggle teach how to handle failure and how celebrate the success we all know the wright brother because they make some different from human think because when they share there idea to public the public laugh on him and say them a stupid , mad etc . but wright
brother never quit from there dreams


hard work beat talent, when talent doesn’t work hard

hard work is great tool to beat failure but we don’t know how to use this tool for our benefit. the successful people know it very well and they use this tool and get succeeded they know how to do work hard and how to get or produce good result from them work that why they succeeded in there work then what about the common people who doesn’t know about it when i talk with people how to be a successful person in future and when i am
suggest them to do hard work they say.

hard work beat talant

yes we do hard work but we not get success. those people who give kind of statement they never be a succeeded in their life because they don’t know importance of hard work the common difference between successful people and failure is the successful people is know how to work hard and get more and more benefit from it.

but failure think when they do hark work they well succeeded and the failures never try to do hard work hard work is great tool but there lots of people don’t know how use it.

hard work beat talent, when talent doesn’t work hard “

a failures never do hard work because they did hark work they not failure. hard work is good for as but why we all are not do hard work in our life or in our profession because we all need success without gain a pain.

without face pain of hard work we never get succeeded in our life without hard work we all are know that the hard work is good for as but we didn’t try to do it why ?. because we all need good life comfortable life without any effort without any paint without any struggle

life is one and you have do every thing in this only life life your life as you what you money or you want home or you want any thing base on your ability of thinking big. you get everything in you life but you need to the one thing and that one thing is you have to do hard work. you have to hard work for your future you have to do hard work for your dreams and you wises. this time you have to realize about your life and your dreams because if you not did today then you never did tomorrow.

never say that to your self i will did it in future or in tomorrow. life give you chance to prove your
self to prove your ability to prove your not failure.

will be succeed in your life and you achieve everything in your life just
believe in your self. if you not believe in your self you never live your dream life.

“hard work always beat failure if you have potential to beat failure with
help of hard work”

hardwork required for success



is required for success without hardwork success is not possible and we can’t imagine that. a hard work is given as a power to fight with failure and hard work is given as strength to stand in between fear of failure

Failure never comes back when we fight with it when failures are win you have to stand again and again until unless you win. Just you have to earn your mistakes and get correct it and try again and again because try and try you will get success Life never gives you a second chance to change your past mistake, you just have to learn from that and grow.


That’s why I say life never give you a second chance to change. In my life when I try to achieve my goal and I am facing lots of problems and failure, but defend and fight back to them, I know I will be perfect for goal very soon and I have to learn from my past mistakes and never  repeat those mistakes again in my life Just you have to put believe in yourself because when you believe in yourself, then you achieve anything in this world.

hardwork is real success


When I am in a struggle I learn only one thing is that when you believe in yourself then no anyone can stop you to achieve your goal I know after reading this article, you also, believe in yourself and you ready for archiving your dreams. I am right? Are you ready?

you want some thing to change you need to change when you change every thing is change just put little extra effort in your work when you give 100% effort in work. work also give .better results in work.

life is very hard but you make it easy you have the to change and make your life well. in this world there lots of people over there they enjoy their life and they celebrate each and every success in their life.

what is different between you and those people nothing …….nothing different both is same but main difference is that those people always put effort to make their life easy and well they live there life Of course, dealing with uninvited change in our lives is often difficult and painful.

In many cases, instigating major, but necessary, change in our life can be just as painful. But whatever change you’re dealing with, know that how you cope with that change will have an impact on your future.

How To Earn Money From Home

online earning

how to earn money from the home . earn money without doing hard work. yes is true now a day we all in a digital world and cause of that we all are having a smartphones and laptops and PCs. by using those tool you doing any online job without any hard work

what is online earning

an online earning platform for all who know the some of basic knowledge about MS OFFICE, TYPING, TRANSLATION etc by using this you earn money as you can and as per you need. no-no any limit of work and here no any fix time to do work. the online platform provide various website and application to doing the online job
online earning is based on how much you work on online. here for payment of work are directly sent into your bank account or if you want to add in any online wallet as per your wise.

online earning

online source of earning

online job having various types of source including offline but here we
discuss about to way to doing this job easily. there are two way to doing

1. android applications
2. websites

the both of way is good for online earning but both of containing
difference way to earn money
through application you not need any extra skill as mentioned. and its
simple and easy to earn policy
those application as per below (android applications )

1. earn money video&apps
2. instant cash rewards
3. watch & earn
4. make money
5. slidejoy
6. make money at home
7. earn money fast
8. earn talk time

(above all application are for online earning. if you want to earn money go to google play and search it and install it.)


trough the website earning you need the skill as mentioned. in website offer you some of responsible jobs like a data entry, freelancer, translation, typing, designing those website including above all work as per below
       2. time

above website is help you to earn money. only you have to do just join that website. and that website provide you work as you want some other way to earn money there are some other way to earn money online. those way required good knowledge about any subject like a medicines, technology, entertainment, etc

1. make own blog
        2. YouTube channel
        3. own website

make a blog

a blog also good source of earning now a day. there is ton of website offer you to blogging like a

there free as well paid. blogging available. chose your blog topic and do it.


website is the one and very useful way to earning in through the website you can earn money in two-way either you can earn from the monetizing or either affiliate marketing or you can also take advantage of proposanal marketing


you tube also a big earn source now a day because lots of people are going on the you tube for entertainment, and solution of problems in this article i am shared with you some of basic things about online earning if you have any query ask me in comment